The best furniture store!!
The minute that you walk into High Desert Design, you start taking in all of the amazing pieces throughout the store. Brenda and the staff make you feel comfortable–they give you space and let you take your time looking, but they are there as soon as you have a question. There is nothing pushy about the service, which is great because there are so many beautiful items to explore!

I’m always impressed by the uniqueness and sophistication of their home furnishings, which seem to change every time I visit the store.
I got a couch from High Desert Design and Brenda helped me pick out a couple other things to put in my apartment that perfectly complement it. I love having people over to see it!

I highly recommend this place, even if you aren’t looking to redo your house. They have everything. They quality is really high, but the prices aren’t really higher than other stores, even Ikea. You definitely get more than what you pay for!